• Message for a Faraway Child

    Cold is here in my clogs pointing to Detroit where you have no heat Voices not present are in my head This acrid smell, though more than rumor is... Read More

  • I Am a Stand of Trees

    I am the total stand of trees on a shady hill for so many years. My mother is soil at my roots I speak kindly of her for she... Read More

  • Snow Day

    A sharpened pencil smells like wood Graphite sprinkles a feathery wave Behind careful penmanship a “C” “R” or an “A” leave their mark on the page Even pressure— energy... Read More

  • Bird Web Cam

    I In Kauai, Hawaii—a place I’ve never been— I see the Laysan Albatross, nesting. II Running a species off the planet at the whimsy of a feather boa or... Read More

  • Fossil

    I am left – handed and under the influence of Love. The hieroglyph of love in English originally sounds “lufe” phonetically, dove sounds “duve”. The new sounding of words... Read More