Writing Pictures of Our Lives

At this workshop, you’ll use photographs from your life—and from the world around you—to tell your story. We’ll read and discuss poems about childhood and later-life experiences. To inspire original poetry of your own, we’ll also use objects from different eras and places. You’ll leave the workshop with brand-new poems, positive feedback, and inspiration to write more.

Writing Our Immigrant Stories

This workshop is a safe space to share your (and your family’s) immigrant experience, through poetry and prose. Together, we’ll look at the techniques used by published poets to narrate the vast, profound subject of “home” versus “elsewhere.” Images of artwork and everyday objects from around the world will provide inspiration. We’ll read and write poems—and connect to ideas of what it means to be human.

Poetry as Storytelling

(with the Amsterdam Writing Workshops)
This experience starts with a simple premise: that the essence of your poem is the story you tell—in your own, original way. By hearing published poetry and prose, we’ll analyze and learn more about narrative craft. You’ll write—and hear your work read aloud (anonymously). You’ll leave the class with a sturdy approach to storytelling, as well as info on where to submit poems for publication.

The Poetic Voice

(with the Amsterdam Writing Workshops)
Every poet has their own voice, a voice of panic or composure, of guilt or of rage, of darkness or joy, of world-weariness, wonder…. At this workshop, you’ll explore the range of expression your voice represents, and the different stories that voice wants to tell—in poetry and prose. You’ll hear your work read aloud (anonymously)—and get individualized feedback on your stories and poems.