Walk with the Artists

This workshop takes place at a museum or gallery. For the original class, we toured the Hudson River Museum in Yonkers, New York; for the upcoming class, we’ll explore an intriguing collection (details to be announced). Together, we’ll visit highlights of the collection; read poems inspired by images; and write original work that does the same.

Color the Page with Words

Become immersed in a slide show of color—and feel the colorful effects. This workshop envelops us all, and as we bask in the light, we learn more techniques for writing poetry and lyrical prose. Each participant will leave this workshop with at least two poems that express shades of who you are, both as a poet and as a person.

Our Town: Writing Portraits of People

This workshop draws upon local histories, archives, galleries, or museums—to bring to light some of the remarkable people who lived in the area. News clips and biographies, photographs and paintings—all comprise prompts for your original poetry. You are also invited to bring your own “living histories”—and you’re encouraged to write portraits from your own life.