Amsterdam Writing Workshop hosts “Writing Towards Peace” with guest reader Ann van Buren.

June 17th to June 18th, 2023, 8:00 am – 12:00 noon EDT

Taught by Lisa Friedman

Venue: Online

Global pandemic. A planet in crisis. Violence and war. How do we keep writing throughout all the chaos? How do we meet our need to speak out at such times? The “Writing towards Peace” workshop is for all writers, including refugees and concerned citizens. Together, we will explore our response to the state of the world—in writing. Over two days, we will:

  • read the work of writers—from Kurt Vonnegut to Olga Tokarczuk;
  • write about our individual responses to current world crises;
  • learn how to remain productive despite pressure; and
  • share our writing on Day 2 of the workshop.

“Writing towards Peace” is designed in collaboration with Amsterdam’s creative community—and beyond. You are welcome to take the workshop at no cost—or to make a voluntary contribution.

Beginners and non-native speakers of English are welcome.